Maria Spiteri Zahra

Maria Spiteri Zahra
26th August 2020 MPO Marketing
MPO Musician

Maria Spiteri Zahra

Administrative Assistant

Prior to joining the MPO, what did it represent for you? 

Ever since I started learning music I have always aspired of becoming part of the MPO one day, the only national entity. I eventually joined the MPO at the age of 16 and it was the same orchestra that gave me the energy to continue my studies abroad, gain more experiences and come back to work as a full timer with MPO.

Can you delineate your role within the orchestra? 

My role is that of the orchestra schedule administrator as well as a full-time musician.

What do you cherish most from the MPO’s concerts? 

Working both as a musician and in the administration team, I am aware of how much work it involves from everyone at MPO in order to perform to such high standards. Being a musician myself, I feel mostly satisfied performing live to a packed audience and seeing the joy on both their faces and my colleagues.

How would you describe music? 

Music explains things when words fail. Without music there is no purpose to a lot of stuff.