MPO Internship Programme

MPO Internship Programme

Nurturing Musical Talent

A catalyst for the promotion of music across Malta’s creative ecology and beyond, the MPO Internship Programme is rooted in the orchestra’s belief that first-hand experience is a key part in nurturing musical talent.

Over the years, more than 30 interns were selected, benefitting from this first step towards joining a professional institution.

The Programme also taps the MPO Academy’s vision of attracting international students, allowing the islands to become a hub for culture and arts.

The MPO Internship Programme offers musicians:

  • performances alongside musicians of the MPO in the orchestra’s Concert Season
  • weekly individual lessons with MPO Academy tutors
  • additional coaching/masterclasses
  • chamber music sessions and mentoring opportunities
  • possible allocation of funds to pursue additional courses
An internship opportunity for young musicians in Malta