Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra engages in a range of educational projects which aim to enlighten and empower young musicians and new audiences by engaging them with the vibrancy and drama of classical music.


L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika is an edutainment series of 15-minute episodes delving into aspects of orchestral music in an informative yet entertaining way. Allegra and Strauss, the two inquisitive young investigators seek to discover this genre through a number of set missions forwarded to them by ‘the expert’.

Their adventures cover a wide range of subjects: composers, instruments, techniques, and genres amongst others.

Investigaturi tal-Muzika is an educational program by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra


Għanjiet tal-Milied is an educational initiative aimed to liven up classrooms with Christmas Spirit!

This innovative project, rooted in the MPO’s mission to promote culture and arts, is intended for all children attending primary schools around the Maltese Islands, giving teachers and students access to several Christmas Carols in Maltese.


The MPO presented a series of outreach concerts in a number of homes and retirement villages. The weekly concerts, held on Friday mornings, conveyed a message of positivity and hope to residents and care-workers. 

The project tapped the MPO’s mission of promoting classical music whilst offering a unique platform for a shared emotional journey to individuals affected by COVID-19. 

Flimkien a musical series organised by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra for elderly citizens to bring music during the covid pandemic.
A family event for music appreciation with younger audiences by the malta philharmonic orchestra


Each season the orchestra produces a series of Fanfare Concerts, for both school groups and families. Combining music with additional elements such as dance, animation, or theatre, these short interactive orchestra concerts are an excellent introduction to symphonic scale music.


The MPO launched a series of features on classical music, tackling a number of subject-matters. The 10 episodes delve into topics including the symphony, the Baroque Era and Music & Film.

Streamed on the orchestra’s digital platforms, the short clips are presented in Maltese (with English subtitles) by Julie Zahra.

The malta philharmonic musicians in action.