Plan Your Visit

We are aware that some may find the prospect of attending a classical music concert rather daunting, yet we strive to render the experience enjoyable, immersive and inspiring.

Whilst any queries may be forwarded to us on Facebook or via email, we are addressing some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Dress Code

For our productions, the only dress code envisaged is for the musicians
on stage. Exceptions to this rule occur for third-party events, but these are few and far between.

Our patrons are free to dress up, yet casual wear is also perfectly acceptable.


When to clap is a source of endless debate in classical music circles!

Traditionally, concert goers clap at the end of a piece of music rather
than after each movement. Although concert programmes may give an
indication, the distinction between movements is not always clear.
Hence, patrons may want to keep an eye on the conductor or simply wait
for the rest of the audience to start clapping before joining in.

Audiences do clap between movements from time to time.
That is perfectly fine, as long as our musicians’ performance is not disrupted.
Our musicians are happy to hear appreciation for their efforts.

Age Restrictions

Children are welcome to all our concerts (suggested age: 5+), and discounted rates apply. In addition we organise a number of concerts for young audiences, including our annual Family Fanfare concerts, this year the project is called Do Re Mi.

Arrival at Concert Venue

Arriving 30 minutes before the start is recommended.


Ushers will show patrons to their seats during suitable breaks in the programme, such as the end of a movement, to avoid any disruption. Audience members can also leave tickets for collection at the box office should members of their party arrive late.

Well aware that parking may pose a problem, we offer a free shuttle service, departing from next to the Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana, for our concerts at MCC. Additionally, the MPO Platinum Membership also offers exclusive parking benefits.


Programmes for our concerts can be downloaded via the QR code available at the entrance of every event.


Most of our concerts have intervals lasting around 20 minutes. These will be clearly indicated in your programme.

Tickets at the Door

Tickets can be purchased at the door provided that the patron has a credit card, as all tickets can be bought online from as long as the event is not sold out.

However, especially in view of the limited seating at Robert Samut Hall and Teatru Manoel, early booking is recommended.

Ticket Discounts

MPO members enjoy 50% discounts on our concert productions. Additional concessions are available for senior citizens, students and children. Different discount policies may apply for third-party events, such as operatic productions