Reuben Sammut

Reuben Sammut
11th August 2020 MPO Marketing

Reuben Sammut

Director – Finance & Administration

Prior to joining the MPO, what did it represent to you? 

I admit that prior to joining the MPO, I was not closely following the developments happening within the orchestra, although I do recall attending a number of concerts.

At that time, I considered the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra as a manifestation of high culture as well as Malta’s showcase of local classical music talent in festivals overseas.

Working for the MPO at first, was merely another job. Now it represents extended family, I fell in love with the music, the musicians and fellow colleagues.  

Can you delineate your role within the orchestra? 

 My role within the MPO is to oversee all of the financial operations of the orchestra, including the accounting, financial reporting, business control, compliance and treasury.

On a day-to-day basis, we process a number of payments to our contractors, monitor the cash flow position, manage payroll queries and ensure full compliance with the Public Service rules and regulations. Timely budgets and forecasting is another key responsibility which is a central aspect of the planning and financial control systems within the MPO.

Moreover, the management of Human Resources, IT and general administration of the orchestra falls within my remit.  

What do you cherish most from the MPO’s concerts? 

It is an extraordinary atmosphere. It provides a wonderful and captivating sound experience. Being a non-musician myself, I am always amazed by the virtuosity of our musicians.  

It also gives me great satisfaction attending to sold-out concerts whilst feeling that I contributed, in part, for the success of the production.

How would you describe music? 

A sound that is pleasant to listen to.