Family Fanfare Concert: Launching Do-Re-Mi

Family Fanfare Concert: Launching Do-Re-Mi
3rd November 2023 MPO Marketing

Family Fanfare Concert: Launching Do-Re-Mi

DATE: 03/11/2023
TIME: 6:00 PM till 7:30 PM

Maria Blanco Artistic Director
Roderick Bugeja Conductor
Simon Bartolo Script Writer






The MPO is excited to unveil an innovative Children’s Project, designed to introduce the enchanting world of classical music to our young audiences in a lively and captivating manner. Led by Artistic Director Maria Blanco, “Do-Re-Mi” promises to breathe life into seven distinct orchestral instruments, each bursting with personality and eager to showcase their musical talents through interactive orchestral and chamber music concerts.

Our musical odyssey begins with a Family Fanfare orchestral concert, hosted by the delightful Christopher Spiteri and conducted by the amiable Maestro Roderick Bugeja on Friday 3rd of November. This captivating journey will continue on a selection of Sunday mornings throughout the months of November to June with interactive chamber music performances that promise to be both entertaining and educational.

Children will have the unique opportunity to forge connections with the charming musical characters created by script-writer Simon Bartolo, listen to professional music performances and participate in engaging age-appropriate workshops. Prepare for memorable experiences that blend education and entertainment in equal measure, creating lasting impressions that will resonate with young hearts and minds.

Join us on this musical adventure, where learning and fun harmoniously unite!


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LOCATION: St Agatha's Auditorium, Rabat