Do-Re-Mi Meets Do

Do-Re-Mi Meets Do
12th November 2023 MPO Marketing

Do-Re-Mi Meets Do

DATE: 12/11/2023
TIME: 11:00 AM till 12:00 PM

Maria Blanco Artistic Director
Stefan Calleja  Violin


Following the opening Family Fanfare orchestral concert, we continue our journey by introducing the character of Do (Violin), a very prominent orchestral instrument, who also likes to be the leader and is very popular within the orchestra. Children will have the unique opportunity to forge connections with this charming musical character created by script-writer Simon Bartolo, listen to professional music performances and participate in an engaging age-appropriate workshop.

There will also be a workshop starting at 10:30 am so parents make sure to bring your children earlier to book in their slot.

Children are also encouraged to bring along a cushion please.



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LOCATION: Robert Samut Hall, Floriana