Do-Re-Mi Children’s Showcase Concert

Do-Re-Mi Children’s Showcase Concert
8th November 2023 MPO Marketing

Sun, 10 March 2024

Call for applications

Robert Samut Hall | 11.00am

The Do-Re-Mi Children’s Showcase Concert will offer an important platform for young musicians to perform in and showcase their artwork.

Eligibility: up to 15 years of age

Competition 1:

Dream and Draw

Dream up and Draw your Image(s) of any or all of our cool musical characters

Do – Re – Mi – Fa – Sol – La – Ti

Chosen Artworks will be featured on the concert day

Competition 2:

Perform Solo or with Buddies

Send us a recording of yourself performing your favourite piece (2 – 3 minutes) or performing with a group of young musicians in a band or ensemble formation (4 – 5 minutes). We recommend using wetransfer to transfer your recordings.

Students wishing to participate are requested to contact   

In the email include contact details of guardians (Email, Mobile number, Name )

Submitted file should include one name of the performers or name of band.

Applications are open between

6th November and 31st of December 2023