4th November 2022 MPO Marketing


DATE: 04/11/2022
TIME: 7:30 PM till 9:30 PM

presented as part of The Three Palaces Festival

Nicola Said Soprano 
Graziella Debattista Mezzo-Soprano 
Charles Vincenti Tenor
Louis Andrew Cassar Baritone
Coro Bel Canto
Joseph Debrincat Conductor  



Joseph Vella Rewwixta 


The MPO performs the oratorio in four movements composed in 1992 by one of Malta’s eminent composers. 

The oeuvre describes a planned plot, eventually uncovered, against the French rule in Malta. Representing an interpretation of the birth of a nationalistic spirit, the  work exploits dramatic features and poetic elements with the lyrics by the late Oliver Friggieri set to music by Joseph Vella. 

LOCATION: Metropolitan Cathedral of St Paul, Mdina