MPO Chamber Series #3

MPO Chamber Series #3
3rd December 2023 MPO Marketing

MPO Chamber Series #3

DATE: 03/12/2023
TIME: 11:00 AM till 12:00 PM

Marcelline Agius Violin
Roberta Attard Violin
Orietta Beaumer Viola
Frank Camilleri Cello
Michelle Agius Bass 



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Divertimento in D major  
Antonín Dvořák Quintet in G major 



The MPO musicians regroup to bring together Mozart’s Divertimento in D major. The sole purpose of the Divertimento was to entertain. Mozart was able to earn a quick and small fee through these compositions thanks to his gift for pleasing melody and masterly orchestration, he could produce them with ease while working on more demanding projects. The MPO musicians will also perform Dvořák’s Quintet in G Major, where the double bass is added to the conventional string quartet. The Quintet was written during an extremely prolific period in Dvorak’s career. Adding the double bass to support the bass line gave the opportunity for the cello to explore the upper register which makes this quintet stand out from all the string quartets composed. The rhythms found in the Quintet resemble the Slavic period of Dvorak.  



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LOCATION: Robert Samut Hall, Floriana