Chaotic Harmony

Chaotic Harmony
21st June 2022 MPO Marketing

Chaotic Harmony

DATE: 21/06/2022
TIME: 9:00 PM till 10:00 PM

presented by the Malta International Arts Festival   


Massimo Mercelli Flute
Reg Clews Violin
Nadine Galea Violin
Nadia Debono Viola
Frank Camilleri Cello
Michelle Agius Double bass
Choreography/Dance Dorian Mallia and Diane Portelli 



Claude Debussy Syrinx, L. 129 
Michael Nyman: Concerto in C 
Philip Glass Chaotic Harmony 
Ruben Zahra High on Rapture III 
Michael Nyman Yamamoto Perpetuo 
Richard Galliano Jade 
Philip Glass Façades, Mov V from Glassworks 


Musicians of the MPO perform in a concert featuring Massimo Mercelli, the dedicatee of a number of 20th century works by eminent composers such as Penderecki, Glass, Nyman and Morricone amongst others. 

Chaotic Harmony presents a musical journey through the repertoire of the modern flute, accompanied by a string quintet. Connecting local artists with international talent, the project also introduces an interdisciplinary dimension with the participation of Moveo Dance Company who present four new choreographies for this project. 

LOCATION: Valletta Ditch, Valletta

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