ChamberFest – Recital #2 11AM

ChamberFest – Recital #2 11AM
15th January 2023 MPO Marketing

ChamberFest – Recital #2 11AM

DATE: 15/01/2023
TIME: 11:00 AM till 12:00 PM

Elena Imparato Violin
Daniele Galletto Clarinet
Julia Miller Piano 

Stefan Calleja Violin
Marco Gallina Viola
Desiree Calleja Cello
Michelle Agius Double Bass
Fiorella Camilleri Flute
Chiara Telleri Oboe
Daniele Galletto Clarinet
Lampros-Ioannis Lapinas Bassoon
Marco Cola Horn 



Igor Stravinsky L’Histoire du soldat
Louis Spohr Nonet, Op. 31 


ChamberFest – a unique Matinee celebration of exquisite chamber music, notably described as “the music of friends”.  3 separate yet consecutive recitals will be presented in the morning of Sunday 15th January as part of ChamberFest, featuring the MPO’s musicians in an exciting variety of informal chamber formations at the Robert Samut Hall – the orchestra’s home.  

Recital #2 for the ChamberFest Mattinnee sets-off with a violin, clarinet and piano trio performing Stravinsky’s “Histoire du soldat”. Originally composed as a theatrical work “to be read, played, and danced”, the work expressively shows the Stravinsky’s ability to incorporate a wide range of influences into his own musical idiom.  

The following part of the recital sheds light on Louis Spohr – an 18th century German Composer who is often overshadowed his contemporary peers like Niccolò Paganini. The Nonet written in concertante style for four string instruments and the five most wind instruments was intended to be performed in such a way “that each instrument would be heard in accordance with its essential character”. 

LOCATION: Robert Samut Hall, Floriana