A celebration of live events with #MPOlive this July

A celebration of live events with #MPOlive this July
7th July 2021 MPO Marketing

A celebration of live events with #MPOlive this July

As Malta’s foremost musical institution, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra is thrilled to be greeting live audiences once again as it returns to concert making as part of #MPOlive this July.

The series of events follow-up on a groundbreaking digital transformation which had the MPO reach far and wide, with 5.2m unique followers across 45 countries. Celebrating this milestone, the excitement of returning to live audiences is palpable in the vivacious, eclectic programmes presented for #MPOlive in collaboration with the Malta Film Commission.

“The current challenging times have presented a unique opportunity for the MPO to broaden its mission and tap new ventures and be a lifebuoy for the arts,” explained MPO CEO Sigmund Mifsud. “Acting as a catalyst to motivate people to attend cultural events, #MPOlive also seeks to underline how well-organized events can allow artists to showcase their talents.”

Mifsud added that an important lesson from COVID-19 was realising the crucial role of music in our lives as the MPO exploited its digital transformation to render this art form more accessible to wider audiences. Additionally, investing in the film industry is a strategic goal of the orchestra as it seeks to record soundtracks and bolster Malta’s potential as a cultural hub.

During a Press Conference discussing the events, Minister José Herrera praised the MPO for managing to adapt to the situation throughout the pandemic. Minister Herrera also noted the existing, fruitful collaborations between entities of the Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government and the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection, as a cooperation which shall further stimulate the tourism industry.

#MPOlive, consisting of 3 open-air concerts will feature orchestra classics, a side by side concert with the Malta Youth Orchestra and film music, under the star-lit city sky at Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Valletta.

Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech marked the ongoing collaborations with the MPO and other entities as an opportunity to showcase local talent. As the MFC strives to further knowledge on the film industry while propagating this local talent, promising collaborations continue to reap collective successes.

While noting that music is an International language which connects all, Minister Clayton Bartolo, stated that “Filmusic is an ideal event linking tourism and culture while providing Maltese and Gozitans with an occasion which plays homage to films produced in Malta in recent years.”

#MPOlive commences with Side by Side with the MYO, 17 July 2021 at Pjazza Teatru Rjal Valletta.

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