Pursuing our Movements of Passion

Pursuing our Movements of Passion
21st March 2020 MPO Marketing

Although the MPO has cancelled all its engagements until the 30th of April due to COVID-19, the orchestra seeks to maintain its music-making alive through a number of online initiatives.

A new series of features on classical music was launched, tackling a wide array of subject-matters. Streamed every Thursday on Facebook at 5PM, the short clips are presented in Maltese (with English subtitles) by Julie Zahra. The first episode, aired on the 19th of March, discussed “What is a Symphony?”.

These features will be previewed by highlights of an MPO concert, from the current or recent seasons. Uploaded every Tuesday at 5PM on social media, the particular concerts shall be thematically-linked to the topic to be explored.

Besides, every Sunday the MPO’s platforms re-present mini-biographies of some of the orchestra’s pioneering figures. Produced recently, these encounters delve closely into the lives of musicians associated with the ensemble and shed light on the latter’s evolvement over the years.

In addition, as the MPO musicians hone their skills and perform music in their respective households, some of their more creative exploits shall be uploaded as well, ensuring the orchestra embodies its role as a cultural ambassador for Malta during these challenging times.

“Music .. in time of care and sorrow, will keep a fountain of joy alive in us.”

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)