Pictures at an Exhibition, performed by the MPO

Pictures at an Exhibition, performed by the MPO
10th November 2021 MPO Marketing

Pictures at an Exhibition, performed by the MPO 

Moving from one picture to the next, some sigh, some pause to take a closer look. The MPO will interpret the experience as depicted in Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky’s masterpiece, Pictures at an Exhibition.

Led by Principal Conductor Sergey Smbatyan, the audience is taken through a myriad of emotions brought on by the various artworks connected by a promenade. Inspiring this composition is Mussorgsky’s tour of an exhibition of pictures by his dear friend and artist Viktor Hartmann, soon after his sudden death. 

German oboist Albrecht Mayer, winner of the Bavarian Culture Prize, will lead into this moving experience. He will feature in Edward Elgar’s only existing movement of his suite for oboe and strings, Soliloquy, followed by Richard Strauss’ Oboe Concerto. Considered to be one of the greatest concertos in the oboe repertoire, the programme highlights the skill which makes Mayer one of the most sought-after oboists of our time.

The concert will follow another exhilarating performance by the MPO, The Firebird in Gozo, further adding to the extensive catalogue of repertoires performed and soloists invited by Malta’s foremost musical institution. Evidently, the revived energy has been a continuation of the momentum built up as the orchestra went through an extensive digital transformation, reaping over 17m unique followers in 12 months. Keeping the hybrid model alive, the MPO pursues both online events – with a continuation of Orchestra Resounds, its audio-visual productions including the most recent Music from Gladiator – and live concerts.

A special offer for patrons who wish to enjoy both concerts has been launched, with The Firebird in Gozo ticket-holders benefitting from a 20% discount on Pictures at an Exhibition tickets. Taking place on 27 November, Pictures at an Exhibition is presented in collaboration with Hilton Malta, with the support of MAPFRE MSV Life and MeDirect. The event is in accordance with all current health protocols, with valid vaccination certificate required at entry. Tickets can be bought from

Oboe Player Albrecht Mayer will accompany the MPO during a classical music event in Malta