Nurturing Musical Talent with the MPO Internship Programme!

Nurturing Musical Talent with the MPO Internship Programme!
3rd October 2022 MPO Marketing

Nurturing Musical Talent with the MPO Internship Programme! 

For each ambitious young musician, first-hand experience is a crucial component of training. It is also essential to have the necessary support in order to pursue a professional music career. This is just a taste of what the MPO Internship Programme has to offer.  

Since its inception in 2016, more than 30 interns were selected, benefitting from this step towards joining a professional institution.  In line with one of the orchestra’s core values, the importance of first-hand experience, the Programme offers musicians the opportunity to perform alongside musicians of the MPO, in the orchestra’s Concert Season.  

This is paired with chamber music sessions and mentoring opportunities to further develop the skills of participants. Along with this, musicians benefit from weekly individual lessons with MPO Academy tutors as well as additional coaching and masterclasses as the framework seeks to promote the pursuing of ancillary short courses in parallel. 

The Programme also builds on the MPO Academy’s vision of attracting international students, allowing the islands to become a hub for culture and arts and giving value to the development of musicians.  

A catalyst for the promotion of music across Malta’s creative ecology and beyond, the MPO Internship Programme is rooted in the orchestra’s values of nurturing musical talent. 

Applications close on 14th October 2022. 

Eligible candidates must be in possession of a Grade 8 (or equivalent) or higher in performance. 

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