MYO – A year at a glance

MYO – A year at a glance
26th June 2019 MPO Marketing

The Malta Youth Orchestra was launched in 2010 and since then has regularly featured in the events calendar of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Indeed, the MYO strives to ‘help today’s musicians become tomorrow’s orchestra’.


The season kicked off with the annual Summer Camp – five days of intensive sectional rehearsals and tutti rehearsals led by conductor Darrel Ang. This led to a well-patronized concert at City Gate Valletta, near the Parliament Building, featuring also musicians from the MPO and MYO’s foreign tutors. 

During Notte Bianca 2018, a number of MYO musicians performed at the Central Bank of Malta, the orchestra’s official partner. In preparation, a number of workshops were organized with conducor Riccardo Bianchi and MYO tutors. The initiative proved to be a great succes, offering the young artists the opportunity to perform in an intimate environment.  

Participation inŻiguŻajg Festival is a highlight event for the MYO. This season was no exception and both the musicians and audiences involved enjoyed thoroughly.  The chosen project  was Peer Gynt  – the script written by Chris Dingli, renowned for his quick wit and humour. The concert was artistically directed by Andrè Agius and the orchestra was under the baton of Riccardo Bianchi. The latter remarked: 

Of all my concerts, I will always love to remember two in particular: my first concert as director of MYO: Peter & Wolf 2016, and my last concert as director of MYO: Peer Gynt 2018. Both concerts were held within the ŻiguŻajg Festival and I will never be able to thank the Festival enough for having marked the beginning and the end of one of the most beautiful experiences of my artistic life. 

Another annual event for the MYO is the Christmas Classic Concert, performed under the patronage of the Office of the Prime Minister. This year’s edition featured a collaboration with Big Band Brothers Junior. Under the direction of Alex Bezzina and assisted by Daniel Cauchi, the musicians presented an eclectic programme in front of the Parliament Building in Valletta.  

This year marked a new collaboration for the MYO – its first participation in the Malta International Music Festival. Performing under the direction of Peter Stark, Young Classical Stars featured the orchestra together with soloists Laetitia Amodio and Stefan Calleja (also the leader of the MYO). The concert, performed to a full-house at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, was held in collaboration with the EO Tutors. As such, these European Union Youth Orchestra alumni tutored and performed alongside the young local musicians