MPO Lounge returns, this time laid-back and live!

MPO Lounge returns, this time laid-back and live!
20th July 2021 MPO Marketing

MPO Lounge returns, this time laid-back and live!

Grasping the joys of experiencing live events again, MPO musicians will be setting a laid back, uplifting atmosphere for guests at the timeless Phoenicia Hotel, for the upcoming edition of MPO Lounge.

Commencing on Wednesday 28 July, this Summer edition draws inspiration from the MPO’s well-greeted online event, Lounge Night. The first of two nights will feature a fusion of sounds by Czech artist, conductor and composer Jan Kučera, a most versatile artist, composing a wide array of works for varied genres ranging from symphonies to songs, chamber music and stage music.

Following up on the online Lounge Night, the live interpretation of Kučera’s work will include fiery tangos, wondrous waltzes and dreamy ballads, fitting for the enchanting surroundings of The Phoenicia’s character and charm. Adding to the vibrant programme, the soothing voice of local, versatile singer Nadine Axisa will also interpret works by Maltese composer Kris Spiteri.

Nostalgic film soundtracks by eminent film composers including Morricone and Piovani, as well as the revolutionary sounds of Astor Piazzola’s nuevo tango style are set to resume MPO Lounge on the 29 July. Presented by a flute and harp duo, the eclectic repertoire is sure to compliment a light breeze on a Summer night, with the tranquil sounds of Piaf, Gershwin, Ellington and Lara amongst others.

With a lively yet calming programme planned, MPO Lounge is not only a continued celebration of the MPO’s groundbreaking digital transformation which had the MPO reach far and wide, with over 16m unique followers across 45 countries in 12 months. It is also a continued exploration of hybrid initiatives, as MPO CEO Sigmund Mifsud recently stated, acting as a catalyst to motivate people to attend cultural events with a “determination to underline how well-organized events can allow artists to showcase their talents.”

Guests are required to reserve their seats by emailing

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