MPO dials up the romance with Puccini’s La Bohème this weekend

MPO dials up the romance with Puccini’s La Bohème this weekend
30th June 2021 MPO Marketing

MPO dials up the romance with Puccini’s La Bohème this weekend

The candlelit room is electrified with romance, setting the scene for the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra’s passionate online performance of Finale Atto I from Puccini’s La Bohème this weekend.

Seeking inspiration from the Bohemian movement of the 1960s, this staged interpretation by the MPO, under the baton of Italian conductor Gianluca Marcianò, reimagines the last scenes of the first act on Saturday, July 2, at 7pm.

Directed by the multi-talented Denise Mulholland, the drama unfolds as the two main characters of the plot, Rodolfo and Mimì, reveal their love for each other, during one of the most performed operas by Puccini.

This poignant moment unravels as the arias Che Gelida Manina, Sì, Mi Chiamano Mimì and O Soave Fanciulla are performed by soprano Nicola Said and tenor Nico Darmanin.

Their interpretations were filmed by Director of Photography Matthew Muscat Drago, within a truly fitting atmosphere. Inside the unique studio space of Maltese modernist artist Frank Portelli, the scene for this production was curated by set designer Andrew Borg Wirth and set artist Tina Mifsud.

The online event, in collaboration with BOV, adds up to over 20 productions released by the MPO this year alone. Being part of a digital transformation which reaped 5.2m unique followers, these productions include Orchestra Resounds, Chamber Fridays, as well as an upcoming online and televised concert featuring top soprano Diana Damrau.

The multidisciplinary performance of Finale Atto I from La Bohème also portrays a continued enthusiasm to tap into the film industry, further marking the MPO as a catalyst for the arts.

Soprano Nicola Said and Tenor Nico Darmanin perform La Boheme by Puccini with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra