MPO Academy – Meet the tutor #2 – Sofía Bianchi Maestre 

MPO Academy – Meet the tutor #2 – Sofía Bianchi Maestre 
3rd May 2022 Maria

MPO Academy – Meet the tutor #2 – Sofía Bianchi Maestre

1. Delineate your role within the MPO Academy. 

My role is that of a tutor teacher who exercises teaching understood as a process of constant assimilation both by the student and by myself. It is a leadership where the exchange of ideas is constant and mutual learning. 

2. What inspires your pedagogical approach? 

My inspiration is that educational model that seeks the musical growth of the student, emphasizing both technique and artistic execution. 

3. What are your goals as an MPO Academy tutor? 

That students can overcome their technical difficulties through a controlled method of study and the application of said technique in the correct interpretation of their works. 

4. What is the relevance of the MPO Academy to the local creative ecology? 

All musical activity is inspired by a creative process that connects with all the cultural manifestations of the area, where the truly ecological ones have a place. 

5. What advice would you offer to young musicians hoping to pursue a career in music? 

My advice would be to study and persevere, while encouraging them to reach their goal because it is an exciting profession. 

6. How important do you think the work of cultural organisations is to the development of young musicians and the future of classical music? 

The work of cultural organisations like the European Foundation For Support of Culture means that the talent of young musicians of all nationalities and from all social strata can develop their musical attitudes and thereby favor the cultural development of Europe. This cultural development is of vital importance for Europe to be an ambassador of democratic spirit and commitment to society, an attitude change we want to instill in our young musicians. These youth will be the transmitters of such values, ones that we want for a just and egalitarian society. 

This work minimizes the socioeconomic differences between the different countries, allowing young people to be trained by bringing them closer to a world which they did not have easy access to. 

MPO academy is a professional institution teaching young musicians how to perform in an orchestra