Don’t Stop Believin’ – A tribute to COVID-19 patients

Don’t Stop Believin’ – A tribute to COVID-19 patients
25th June 2020 cyber

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), in collaboration with the Valletta Cultural Agency (VCA) and with the support of Bank of Valletta (BOV), has launched a music video “Don’t Stop Believin’”, featuring Matthew James Borg. The audiovisual production pays tribute to recovered COVID-19 patients. 

Originally released by Journey, the song is strongly associated with the pandemic as hospitals around the world played the song when discharging recovered patients. Following on “Where the Streets have No Name” and “Valletta, a City like No Other in the World”, the video seeks to convey a message of positivity, inspired by the recent COVID-19 experiences of Maltese nationals.   

The MPO’s Executive Chairman, Sigmund Mifsud, noted how the project is particularly apt in view of the recent lifting of restrictions. Indeed, “we should unite together and strive forward towards a brighter future, allowing us to overcome any potential setbacks”. The Chairman extended his thanks to the orchestra’s partners, contributing towards the MPO’s renewed commitment for the arts and culture.  

VCA Chairman Jason Micallef said “During these difficult times, we wanted to share a message of hope with those impacted most by COVID-19 that the situation will get better. We believe in this positive message as Malta is moving forward, thanks to the coordinated efforts by the public and Health Authorities which have contained the virus, resulting in a situation which is now stable.”   

This project is one in a series of initiatives presented as part of the recently launched MPO Online Programme.