Ċapċip … Minn Qalbna (Clapping … with Heartfelt Thanks)

Ċapċip … Minn Qalbna (Clapping … with Heartfelt Thanks)
29th March 2020 MPO Marketing

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra has launched Capcip… Minn Qalbna (Clapping…with Heartfelt Thanks), a music video presenting a new composition by MPO Principal Percussionist Daniel Cauchi.

MPO Executive Chairman Sigmund Mifsud:

“MPO musicians are accustomed to receiving applauses at the end of their performances. Now, in tandem with the management of the orchestra, they are expressing their sense of gratitude towards healthcare workers, who are selflessly putting themselves in the frontline, “indeed, our modern-day heroes”.

During COVID-19, the MPO seeks to maintain its music-making alive through a number of online initiatives, projects acting as a catalyst to connect and inspire. In parallel, the orchestra is exploiting this reflective period for creative industries to re-invent itself and delineate its vision for the coming years.

As such, the MPO appeals to arts-lovers and the general public alike to collectively unite through music as we all strive towards a more prosperous future.”

Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Hon Jose’ Herrera:

“This is a particularly difficult time for people working in the cultural sector. However, we will be making sure that the artists and their talents are to be portrayed to the people anyway, even though not through the conventional methods.

However, now more than ever is when we need and appreciate cultural and artistic merits, as we see more and more people becoming increasingly appreciative of the arts.

This initiative is significant and we are committed to keep on encouraging local cultural entities to work together.

This will help to create further essential important links with the general public, through which we can keep on providing not just a public service but also build a relationship with anyone interested in the arts, so that in the near future not only more people will appreciate the output of entities like the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra but possibly more people will want to explore Malta’s cultural calendar.”

The MPO has already announced a string of endevours as it pursues its Movements of Passion online, including a new series of features on classical music, highlights of recent MPO concerts and mini-biographies of the orchestra’s pioneering figures.

Creative exploits by the orchestra’ s musicians, underlining their engagement with the new challenges of the digital world, are also being shared on social media platforms.