Monique McCarthy

Monique McCarthy
20th July 2020 Maria
Monique forms part of the strong Marketing Deparment in the MPO

Monique McCarthy

Communications Officer

Prior to joining the MPO, what did it represent for you? 

To me, the MPO always represented the excellence in classical music on the islands.

Can you delineate your role within the orchestra? 

I form part of the Events & Marketing Department, working on spreading the orchestra’s message and voice across the various platforms.

What do you cherish most from the MPO’s concerts? 

Attending an MPO concert is an experience within itself. It is a space where one can disconnect from the rush of the outside world and be submerged in the musical journey the orchestra takes the audience on.

How would you describe music? 

Music is a form of expression – when there are no words or actions to express how I feel, music allows me to express that.