Jean Noël Attard

Jean Noël Attard
1st July 2020 Maria

Jean Noël Attard

Events & Marketing Manager

Prior to joining the MPO, what did it represent for you? 

I was lucky enough to play for the first time with the MPO aged 13. 4 years later, I was offered the opportunity to join as a full-timer, but I opted to pursue my studies abroad.

Along with the EUYO, the orchestra represents a maternal figure which instilled the love for music.


Can you delineate your role within the orchestra? 

Imagine how exciting it is to contribute towards an entity you always aspired to form part of! Cultural management allowed me to nurture further my passion for the arts.

Together with my fabulous team, we take care of the events and marketing of the orchestra.

What do you cherish most from the MPO’s concerts? 

I remain a musician at heart hence the feelings experienced during concerts are hard to describe. Yet, in addition to the joy on musicians faces, the feedback from audiences, the ensuing discussions, I reckon that what is most poignant is the orchestra’s ongoing endeavour to aspire for more. 

How would you describe music? 

Music is a way of life, what nourishes the soul and inspires the mind.

My performing career came to an abrupt halt due to musculoskeletal conditions which affected my playing. Notwithstanding this, even at desolate times this art form rekindled passion and motivation, allowing me to strive forward in my endeavours in the creative industries and in life.