Adrian Bartolo

Adrian Bartolo
30th July 2020 MPO Marketing

Adrian Bartolo

Manager – Logistics, Health & Safety

Prior to joining the MPO, what did it represent to you? 

The MPO represents an institution wherein Maltese and international cultures are fused together allowing for the interpretation of eclectic styles of music.

Can you delineate your role within the orchestra? 

I am the Technical Officer within the orchestra and my role entails ensuring a smooth running of the operations from the technical perspective.  As such, regular liaison takes place with the Director of Operations, conductors and musicians as well as production teams.

What do you cherish most from the MPO’s concerts? 

Certainly, getting the opportunity to listen to a wide array of music whilst meeting with local and international artists is something which I appreciate.

Yet, more pertinently, learning directly from the musicians about the individual instruments and their mechanisms is most fascinating.

I always loved music, yet being present during concerts is most rewarding – whilst hearing it, you become immersed and truly connected with this art form.

How would you describe music? 

Music is an art wherein artists can express their innermost feelings using their instruments. Producing music allows for the expression of emotions through the beauty of form and harmony.