Spring Harmony

Spring Harmony
6th May 2023 MPO Marketing

Spring Harmony

DATE: 06/05/2023
TIME: 7:30 PM till 8:45 PM

Claire Massa Mezzo-Soprano
Michael Laus Conductor
Malta Philharmonic Orchestra 



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Adagio and Fugue, K. 546
Christopher Muscat Extase
Richard Wagner Fünf Gedichte für eine Frauenstimme, WWV 91
Joseph Haydn Hornsignal Symphony No. 31, Hob. I/31 

Set in chamber formation, the MPO directed by Michael Laus showcases an eclectic programme featuring Mozart’s dramatic work for strings Adagio and Fugue, and Extase by Christopher Muscat, a riveting work full of emotion and intensity. Mezzo-soprano Claire Massa performs Wagner’s Fünf Gedichte für eine Frauenstimme, five exquisite songs whose texts are profound poems by Mathilde Wesendonck. The horn section takes centre stage in Haydn’s Symphony No. 31, also aptly nicknamed Hornsignal Symphony, a delightful work displaying his orchestral mastery. 

This concert is presented with the support of MeDirect Malta.

LOCATION: Robert Samut Hall, Floriana