Notes of Faith

Notes of Faith
4th December 2015 MPO Marketing

Notes of Faith

DATE: 04/12/2015
TIME: 7:30 PM till 7:30 PM

Notes of Faith

Programme :

Albert Pace: In Amore illo Ardeas
Cristina Vilallonga : Aspiratio
Karl Fiorini : Rêves Obscurs
Doron Kima : Seeds of Hope

Conductor : Raoul Lay
Soloist: Bashir Abdel Al (Oud); Nizar Al Issa (Nay)

Part of the Biennale Festival, and an initiative of the peacebuilding arts NGO CARAVAN, ‘Notes of Faith’ by Jewish composer Doron Kima. The concert offers the audience a stimulating and challenging opportunity to contemplate fundamental eternal questions of existence, faith, harmony and peace through the ethereal acoustic experience of outstanding musicianship.

Notes of Faith 640x480

LOCATION: Metropolitan Cathedral of St Paul, Mdina