MPO Orchestral Concert

MPO Orchestral Concert
5th February 2016 MPO Marketing

MPO Orchestral Concert

DATE: 05/02/2016
TIME: 8:00 PM till 8:00 PM

MPO Orchestral Concert series 2

Debussy: Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un Faune
Mahler: Rucker Lieder
Mahler: Symphony Nr 4

Conductor: Jean-Marc Burfin
Soloist: Andriana Yordanova

Jean-Marc Burfin returns to conduct the MPO in a concert of magnificent orchestral works. Following the dream of a flute-playing faun in the opening Debussy, Adriana Yordanova performs the wonderful series of songs that explore Mahler’s complex personality. The Symphony in second half transports the listener from the unforgettable sounds of flutes and sleigh bells, to a skeleton playing the dance of death on his violin and a solemn procession leading to a child’s naïve vision of heaven.


LOCATION: Teatru Manoel, Valletta