Mozart at Midnight

Mozart at Midnight
16th June 2018 MPO Marketing

Mozart at Midnight

DATE: 16/06/2018
TIME: 11:30 PM till 11:59 PM

Michael Lessky

Giuseppe Recchia

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Magic Flute Overture, K.620
Clarinet Concerto, K.622
Symphony No. 41 “Jupiter,” K.551

The second edition of Mozart at Midnight will see the orchestra under the direction of Austrian conductor Michael Lessky, performing a selection of works from Mozart’s final years.

Following a performance of the overture to the composer’s last opera, The Magic Flute, MPO’s principal clarinet player Giuseppe Recchia takes up a solo role for Mozart’s only clarinet concerto, his last purely instrumental work written just two months before his death.

Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony is the longest and last symphony he composed, one of three symphonies he composed in quick succession and one of the most celebrated works of the genre.

LOCATION: Teatru Manoel, Valletta