Viva l’Opera – Il Trovatore

Viva l’Opera – Il Trovatore
24th January 2023 MPO Marketing

Viva l’Opera – Il Trovatore

DATE: 24/01/2023
TIME: 7:00 PM till 7:30 PM

Graziella Debattista Azucena
Andriana Yordanova Leonora
Stephanie Portelli Ines
Colin Attard Conductor


Viva l’Opera is a series of Operatic Scenes presented online as part of the 15th editiona of Gaulitana: A Festival of Music.

A story of witchcraft, murder and vengeance, the plot of this opera finds its roots in the acts of the parents. A gypsy woman is burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft – the story of her death haunts every character in the opera.

Azucena (Graziella DeBattista), her daughter, sees the death repeating in every waking moment – in the flickering of the fire and in the shape of the shadows. She is unable to find any peace, tormented always by the shocking events of that night. Haunted by her mother’s dying words ‘mi vendica’, Azucena sets in motion a series of events which will lead to tragedy.

The young noblewoman, Leonora (Andriana Yordanova), finds herself caught up in this story. Rejecting the advances of Count di Luna, she has fallen in love with a mysterious troubadour, Manrico, who sings of his love nightly at her window. Ines (Stephanie Portelli), her lady-in-waiting, warns her of the dangers involved but Leonora remains determined.

With the count and the troubadour already sworn enemies as leaders of opposing factions in the war. they are now destined to oppose each other in the pursuit of Leonora’s heart, with tragic consequences.


This concert is presented in collaboration with Gaulitana: A Festival of Music


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