Borodin Symphony No. 2

Borodin Symphony No. 2
30th March 2021 MPO Marketing

Borodin Symphony No. 2

DATE: 30/03/2021
TIME: 7:00 PM till 7:30 PM


Alexander Borodin Symphony No. 2 

Composed intermittently between 1869 and 1876the symphony became the most distinctive yet original work by Borodin. After a dismal failure during its premiere, the composer revised the work on the suggestions of Rimsky-Korsakov and the oeuvre was re-introduced to great acclaim in 1879. 

Russian critic Stasov reported that the programmatic work portrayed a gathering of Russian warriors in the first movement and ‘bayan’ (mythic bard) in the third before a final scene “of heroes feasting to the sound of the gusli as the composer coined the symphony Heroic’. 


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