Belt il-Bniedem: Swar – Behind the Fortifications

Belt il-Bniedem: Swar – Behind the Fortifications
14th November 2018 Maria
DATE: 14/11/2018
TIME: 8:00 PM till 10:30 PM


Reuben Pace Belt il-Bniedem: Swar

The first-ever Maltese-language opera cycle, Belt il-Bniedem (City of Humanity) opens with Swar, featuring a libretto written by Ġorġ Peresso set to music by Reuben Pace.

The opera trilogy is bound together by the concept of a siege, and Swar is itself set during the Great Siege of 1565. The second opera, Il-Blata Mġarrba, will be set during the Siege of Malta in the Second World War, while the third, L-Era tal-Wieħed jew Xejn, takes place in modern times and deals with conceptual sieges.


LOCATION: Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta